May 26

Hope Story posted by John Sorensen on May 26, 2020


Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today.

How much are you watching the news right now? I know a lot of people have stopped watching it altogether because it’s just too depressing. A lot of people are without hope. But here’s some good news: Jesus loves YOU. Not only does He love you, but He proved it by coming to earth, taking the sin that was yours and mine, and nailing it to the cross. Only Jesus is able to be our sacrifice and pay for our sins because of His life, death and resurrection. He conquered death so that we could have access to God and spend eternity in Heaven with Him if we will only repent of our sins and put our faith in Jesus Christ alone to save us. Now, this is hope! This is good news – that no matter what we may go through in this life, we will be with Jesus for eternity if we place our faith in Him. For more, visit Hope In a Crisis dot com. Hope in a Crisis Dot Com.

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