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Hospitality posted by John Sorensen on Jan 18, 2021


Have you ever been invited into someone’s home where everything was just so? The house smelled good, looked good and it made you feel at home…Some people just have the gift of hospitality. Now, how hospitable are you? What I am really asking is if you are inviting others into the family of God. Chad and Naomi are doing just that. This hospitality came straight from God. During lockdown, they felt like the Lord was telling them to reach out to their neighbors with prayer, Scripture and love! In a time when their church could not meet, they bridged the gap. What began as a prompting from the Lord, ended up being sixty people gathering in the couple’s yard to have fellowship and time in God’s Word. Many of their neighbors had never read the Bible at all before Chad and Naomi invited them to their home! Who can you invite into the family of God? Ask the Lord to show you today. Visit Share Life Dot Today.

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