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How Can There Be A God? posted by John Sorensen on Jan 15, 2016


Once in a while I’ll hear somebody say, “How can there be a good God with so much evil in the world?”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  God is certainly not the author of evil.  He created a perfect world and gave Adam and Eve free will with the ability to choose good or evil.  They, like we would, chose to do evil.  Yet, in spite of this evil man brings into our world, God is a God of love.  He uses even these difficulties that evil causes to bring mankind to Himself.  And the Bible teaches that one day, God will put an end to all evil, pain and death.  But only in Christ do we have such hope.  So if one of your friends raises this question, share with them the difference it makes in your life to know that God is in control and working everything for your good.

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