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How Do I Know? posted by John Sorensen on Jun 08, 2017


When sharing the Gospel with someone, how do you respond if they say,  “How do I know that I really put my faith in Jesus?”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Of course, we need to remember that only God knows the heart.  And, while works play no role in saving faith because Jesus alone saves us, there is a place for works in the life of every Christian.  In fact, it’s helpful to explain to the new believer that the motivation for “works” is based on having gratitude for what Jesus did for us.  It’s our “thank you” to God and Christ for the gift of eternal life.  Scripture also helps us because it tells us that there are signposts that put faith on display in our life.  The Bile shows us that our life in Christ should show up in our actions every day.  No, we won’t be perfect this side of Heaven, but there should be evidence that we are followers of Jesus Christ.  For more tips and tools and other free Gospel resources to help you sharing your faith, visit our website at

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