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How You Live with Your Spouse posted by John Sorensen on Feb 05, 2020


If you have an unbelieving spouse, have you considered how you’re living? Now, I don’t mean to say that their salvation is dependent on your behavior. It’s not. Salvation is dependent on our faith Christ alone. But I do ask you to consider your behavior. When you mess up, do you admit to it? When they mess up, do you forgive them? Your behavior when yourself and others fall short can point your spouse to Christ! when your loved one sees you fall down and then get back up by the grace of God, they will see Him at work in your life. Pray that you will be a vessel used by Him and then lovingly direct them to the Gospel as often as you can. They will see His love through you, and that’s exactly what you were made to do. If you need help or encouragement to witness to a lost loved one, we have resources available at Share Life dot today. That’s Share Life dot today.

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