Sep 28

“I Don’t Believe in Life after Death.” posted by John Sorensen on Sep 28, 2021


Have you ever been faced with a hard question or objection when sharing the Gospel? Well, I’d like to encourage you to use each one as an opportunity to share the Good News of what Jesus has done! Take an objection like, “I Don’t Believe in Life after Death,” for instance. Often, we hear this as, “YOLO! You only live once.” One of the ways we can answer this is by using nature. Four centuries before Christ, the philosopher Plato explored the question of immortality from what he found in nature. He looked at a dying seed and noticed that after it perished, it yielded a living plant. He concluded that the human body must also decay and die before it will emerge in another life. Jesus pointed out this very same thing in the Gospel of John. And the apostle John writes in first John, “Whoever has the Son has life.” So not only is there eternal life, we can have access to it through Jesus! For more ways to answer, visit share life dot today.

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