Sep 30

“I Don’t Believe in the Resurrection.” posted by John Sorensen on Sep 30, 2021


Christmas and Easter are the two most important days for Christianity. And while no serious scholar would debate the birth of Jesus, many today do argue the validity of Easter, which is the resurrection of Christ. And Christ’s resurrection is the point upon which all Christianity either rises or falls. So today, I want to give you just one of the many evidences that support that Jesus did rise from the dead; and that is transformed lives. Jesus’ brother James was one of the earliest skeptics as well as the Apostle Paul. Both men became not only followers of Jesus but also martyrs for their faith. You know, there once was this radio disc jockey, who was well known for one thing: being irreverent. That DJ was me. I changed after encountering the resurrected Jesus. You see, it is the power of the Gospel to transform lives that is perhaps the greatest evidence of all. Learn more ways to answer this objection at share life dot today.

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