Apr 17

I Don’t Know the Man posted by John Sorensen on Apr 17, 2019


I don’t know the Man!

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. After Jesus was arrested, Peter followed at a distance, watching what was going to happen to the Savior. People recognized that Peter had been with Jesus and he denied it. In fact, he denied ever knowing Jesus three different times! Do you feel like you’ve done that yourself? Maybe you haven’t denied Christ with your words, but you have with your actions. Maybe your life doesn’t look much like a Christ follower at all, and that’s why you think you can’t share the Gospel. Well, you’re wrong. Jesus used Peter mightily for His Kingdom after Peter denied Him and then repented of it. He can do the same with you! Don’t let the devil tell you that your reputation is too marred for the Lord to use you. It’s simply not true. Everything in your life is part of your testimony that you can use to share how God has dealt mercifully with you! Visit ShareLife.Today for help and encouragement to share your faith.

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