Sep 30

Relativism vs Relative Thinking posted by John Sorensen on Sep 30, 2019


Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, that may be true for you, but it’s not true for me’?  If so, what they’re really saying is that truth is relative. What you think doesn’t apply to them. Today on Share Life Today, we’re going to be looking at relativism versus moral absolutes.  Let’s start by looking at the difference between relativism and relative thinking.   They are not the same.  Relative thinking helps us to create order and to compartmentalize our thoughts.   For example, if I ask you if the Eiffel Tower is tall, you might respond, ‘well, tall compared to what?’  If the standard is a two story house, we can now debate, using an objective standard.  Relativism, on the other hand, states that the objective standard is unknowable, not-universally applicable, or is entirely useless.  When sharing our faith, it’s helpful to know the difference.  To watch a video tackling the objection, I don’t believe in absolute truth, and for other Gospel resources, visit us online at That’s ShareLife.Today

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