Jul 27

I’m Too Shy! posted by John Sorensen on Jul 27, 2015


If the idea of initiating a conversation with another person about the Gospel paralyzes you with fear, well, you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. “I’m too shy.  I am an introvert.”  This is one of the top reasons Christians give for not engaging in personal evangelism.  We’ll labor in our church but verbalize the Gospel, no way!  Yet, the Bible does not link its command to be witnesses to our personality type.  Cheryl’s a compelling example.  This very shy woman was profoundly changed when the Lord brought her kicking and screaming to a workshop to learn how to share her faith.   Now, her “fearful silence” has given way to “joyful witnessing.”

I urge you to go to to watch an interview with Cheryl.  If watching this interview results in one more introverted, silent Christian becoming involved in personal evangelism, it’s worth it.  Cheryl’s life has been permanently changed and yours can be too!

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