In the midst of tragic events, here is some good news!

April was quite a month with headline-grabbing tragedies and dramatic life-altering events filling the news . . . and the anxious thoughts of many. The truth is that if we merely look at the news, it’s very easy for us, even as followers of Jesus Christ, to be quite discouraged.

What is going on in this world?

Well, here is a “God Story” that didn’t make the headlines: You helped make history with the very first EE National Conference in China!

Just this past month, thousands gathered from nineteen provinces in China to worship God and be equipped to reach their province for Christ. Leaders there shared with me what God has done up to now.

  • One church added over 500 people in one year after receiving the EE training.
  • Another has brought into fellowship over 2,000 people in one year!
  • I visited a church that grew from 83 to 3,000 through EE, and has now planted several daughter churches.
  • On and on the reports went!

As these bold Chinese Christians shared their plan for the next few years with me, I was blown away. They intend, by God’s grace, to see 10,000 EE teachers and staff members raised up and trained to share the Gospel with over 5,000,000 people. And they plan to see the EE ministry established in every province of China. The work has already begun to make this happen.

Like I said, that didn’t make the headlines. But when all is said and done, it was likely more impactful than any other headline that you read in April. And you were instrumental in making this happen with your gifts and prayers. Thank you!

You gave to make this work happen here and around the world. You prayed for God’s favor on His work all over the world. For your partnership in the Gospel, we thank God for you (Phil. 1:3-5).

It is easy to become distracted and discouraged by the bad news we hear daily. But the truth is that these are the best days for the Gospel that there has ever been. Let me repeat that: these are the best days for the Gospel ever! More people are coming to Christ daily than ever in recorded history!

Why do I say that? In 1900, there were 943 converts to Christ per day worldwide. That increased to 4,500 by 1950. By 1980, the number grew with incredible speed to 20,000. By the end of 1994, that figure had grown to 92,000. It reached about 100,000 per day worldwide during the mid-1990s. And by the end of the century, it was up to 150,000 per day (

EE is playing a leading role in the harvest. By God’s grace, nearly 7.9 million people professed faith in Jesus Christ through the work of EE in 2012 alone! Some 21,000 people came to Christ every day world-wide through EE-trained witnesses.

The Gospel is on the move in these days and changing the world. Nations like China, Indonesia, and India are being transformed to the Glory of God. What a great time to be a Christian and to be part of such exciting events! How tragic it would be to miss being a part of it.

Evangelism Explosion’s fiscal year ends on June 30, 2013. We need to raise $200,000 to end this fiscal year in the black. Will you help us today to reach this goal?

By God’s grace, we have received a generous pledge that will match, dollar for dollar, every gift up to $100,000. Your Great Commission Fund gift will be doubled, helping us to reach this goal and end the year strong. Would you consider what God would have you do?

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry! Your gifts are making a huge difference as, together, we invest in national EE ministries, assisting them to stand and be bold witnesses in these important days.

Your gift now to the Great Commission Fund will literally help change the world from the inside out.

Yours in His service,

Dr. John B. Sorensen

P.S. Your fiscal year-end gift will be doubled, up to $100,000! Please give today and join us in bringing the transforming power of the Gospel to millions worldwide.