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In Your Story posted by John Sorensen on Apr 08, 2019

When you were a kid, what was your favorite Bible story? Jonah and the whale? Daniel and the Lion’s Den? David and Goliath? There are so many stories in the Bible displaying God’s power! Line after line and page after page, we read stories of people who were used mightily by God.

Do you ever wonder why God doesn’t perform miracles like that anymore? Well, He does. And do you know what? He’s using people just like you, all over the world, for His glory! I’m sure in the middle of the ocean, in that whale’s belly, Jonah wasn’t thinking, ‘wow, what a great story! This is one for the books!’ He was just trying to survive – and he did! God brought him through disobedience and disaster to tell of God’s great mercy.

You’ve never been swallowed by a whale or caught in a lion’s den, but chances are, you’ve felt overwhelmed – wondering how on earth you’re going to get through the hard times. Was God there? Did He pull you out? Of course He did! So, use whatever He has allowed in your life as part of your testimony to tell of His greatness, mercy and provision! If you’re not sure where to begin in sharing your story, we can help. Your testimony is powerful and the Lord gave your story to only you, so use it for His glory.

You can work on your story by visiting You’ll write out what life was like before Jesus, how He’s changed you and what He’s teaching you now. You can find inspiration by reading the stories of other believers on the website, as well. This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. Visit ShareLife.Today for resources to help you share the story God has given you!

May God richly bless you this week as you live out your story and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This is a transcript from Conversations with John #36

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