Aug 30

Intentionality posted by John Sorensen on Aug 30, 2018


I recently heard about a man who skips lunch in order to share the Gospel.  It made me think, I haven’t missed any meals lately.  Have you?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  It can be encouraging and humbling as the head of an evangelism ministry, to hear the lengths some people go to, to share their faith.  Whether it’s skipping meals or getting up a couple hours earlier to witness before work, some people are very intentional about the Gospel.  Suk, a new believer, shared her faith with co-workers, then realized actually living it out everyday in front of them might be easier said than done.  “I felt uncomfortable as if I was being watched all the time.  But through this, God made me realize that to show them the likeness of Christ was a holy burden that He was entrusting me with.”  Now, that’s transparency!  And I think we can all relate to her apprehension.  But it also shows how God grows us when we are willing to be intentional about sharing our faith.   For tips and tools to help you be an intentional witness, visit

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