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Intentionality in Witnessing posted by jwatson on Jan 30, 2014

Are you expanding your connections?

We have heard individuals say with much vulnerability that it is easier to share the Gospel on the streets with strangers than it is with loved ones. One reason for this viewpoint is that if a stranger isn’t interested in the Gospel, you simply hand them a tract, thank them for their time and walk away, feeling as if you have done your job.

But in that situation, are you being intentional and expanding your connection?

Steve and Fran, trained in Everyday Evangelism, decided to make their witnessing intentional with those who served them at restaurants. After they were served their food, they would tell their server that they were going to pray and then ask the server for any prayer requests.

In one situation, their waitress asked them to pray that she could find more time with her son. During several return visits to the restaurant over several weeks, they intentionally built that relationship, learned of a housing crisis and extended help to the waitress and her son. With trust secured, they have extended invitations to her, her son and boyfriend to attend church, which they have accepted.

The lesson for all of us is this:  be intentional in your witnessing with everyone you come in contact with, and then purposely expand that connection as you follow God’s lead and trust the outcome to Him!

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