Aug 29

Interview with Dr. Tom Stebbins posted by jwatson on Aug 29, 2008

I’m sure you’ll remember the hoop-la over all that happened to Dr. Tom Stebbins over the past few weeks. How is got a Visa to Vietnam, traveled all the way there, and then was not permitted to enter? Amazing story, really.

The trip to Vietnam ended up being a great blessing. But in the midst of the blessing, there was still a sadness on my part. I had always dreamed of going to Vietnam. It’s just that, in my dream, I went there with Tom. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Maybe someday. But not yet.

In the weeks prior to going, I had the chance to interview Tom. I just had the chance to finish editing it today and will put it up here:

Interview with Dr. Tom Stebbins

I know you’re enjoy it.  Tom is a great servant of the Lord.  A humble man, filled with God’s grace.  It’s a joy to be around him.

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