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Invite Them posted by John Sorensen on Mar 03, 2020


When you’re talking to people about Jesus Christ, think about inviting them to church.   Now, I trust that you’re attending a Bible-believing church.  And if you are, don’t hesitate to invite your friend to a worship service at your church this weekend.  You know, research shows that the number one reason why a person visits a church is because somebody invited them.  So, ask your friend to come.  Ask them if they need a ride or if they’d prefer just to meet you at the main church entrance.  Then, pray that the  vibrant worship service will stir their heart.  They might even ask, “Why are these people so joyful?”  And that can lead right into a Gospel conversation.  You can tell them that it’s, “Because people in my church know for certain that when they die they’re going to be with God forever in Heaven.” Then share with them how Jesus has impacted your life! For more tips, tools and Gospel resources to help you share your faith, visit our website at  That’s

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