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Is One Soul Worth It? posted by jwatson on Aug 07, 2013

Recently, Matt and Toni Moffett, EE Coordinators for Africa, spent six weeks in Malawi, Africa training 46 new EE field workers and EE interns from 12 nations.

Have you ever wondered whether your work for the Lord was effective? During their flight home from the training, Matt and Toni asked the same question. And the answer unfolded before their eyes. “We were discussing the pros and cons of the training when we noticed Bernard, a field worker from Uganda, seated right in front of us,” shared Matt. “As we settled in for the flight I overheard Bernard ask the gentleman sitting next to him the two diagnostic questions!”

In their midst was one of the field workers immediately putting the training to work. As the flight progressed they could hear Bernard sharing the Good News. Before the plane landed Bernard was leading the man in prayer to profess Christ as his Savior.

So Matt and Toni asked themselves, “Was the six weeks in Malawi worth it?” Is this one man professing Christ as Savior worth it? You know the answer.

Concluded Matt, “It was a great encouragement to see this happen right in front of our eyes.” It’s wonderful to see the fruit of the Lord’s work in our lives.

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