Mar 28

Jasmin from Tech Support posted by John Sorensen on Mar 28, 2017

Something I’ve noticed over the years is that once someone learns how to share their faith, they become intentional about sharing and can be ready at a moments notice.  Vincent is a good example.

After having some problems with his laptop computer, he decided to call tech support and it wasn’t long before he was talking to Jasmin in the Philippines. As she was addressing his computer issues, he found out that she had asked Jesus to forgive her sins when she was 16, but she wasn’t sure she was going to Heaven. Vincent took that opportunity to share the Gospel with her and when he asked again if she now knew for certain that she was going to Heaven, she said ‘yes.’  Before ending the call she told him that she was so thankful she’d gotten his call because it was the first time someone shared the Gospel and the Bible with her.

There are people whose path we’ll cross today just like Jasmin so be on the lookout. If you don’t feel prepared, visit us at for free tips, tools and even videos you can watch to help you share your faith.

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