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Jesus Fills the Void posted by jwatson on Aug 05, 2015

The testimony of Justin Popp from

Life was empty.  I was in high school trying to define my life with my athletic performance. When I fractured my fourth lumbar in a weightlifting accident and was out of sports for a year.  I turned to academia to fill that void and again give my life meaning and purpose. Although I had grown up in a Christian house I was a rebel at heart and not sincere in my family’s beliefs. Still feeling the emptiness I turned to relationships and substances to bring me joy. Nothing could satisfy and God was speaking in my heart that only in Him could I be satisfied.

The summer before college I repented from my selfishness and turned to follow God daily. I proceeded with public baptism and testimony, knowing in my heart something was new. During college I still felt pulled by the desires of this life but God’s consistent pursuit of me and my daily decision to read His word helped give my life a new meaning and purpose. A peace in my future and plan for my life was soon revealed. I married my high school sweet heart and with the new found accountability partner we have been growing at a pace that can only be attributed to a divine God. Though just, He is also merciful and in Him I have been given new life. Thank you Jesus!

Purpose that only God can give gave my life meaning and life eternal. Knowing that I am not yet home gives me the endurance to carry on.  Meaning in life can be tough to decipher and all the thrills of this world can distract. Don’t accept less than life eternal in Christ.

In Christ I am free to live and my life now has meaning. In a new city, in a new job, in a new church with new friends I live for Christ. To know Him and make Him known.

Death is not the end and 6 feet deep is not my final resting place. At the feet of Jesus I will praise for all eternity!

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