Apr 12

JR and Angela’s Training Pays Big Dividend posted by John Sorensen on Apr 12, 2018


Here’s a story to warm your heart.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  We do evangelism training events across the country and Angela and JR decided to attend one.  To put it in their words, they “were excited about learning a simple and fun way to share the Gospel.”  The training was in another city so when they got home, their 8 year old son, Cade, asked his dad what they’d done while they were gone.  So, JR explained and shared the Gospel with Cade.  JR said, “As a result Cade understood the Gospel and prayed to receive Jesus.”  Angela then explained that Cade told her, that, “he wanted to talk to Skyla, his 5 year old sister, privately.”  So Mom stepped out of the room and listened in as Cade shared the Gospel with Skyla.  Dad said, “My 8 year old who just prayed with me to receive Christ, shared with his sister.  I then went in and prayed with Skyla and she received Christ.  My God is so good.  My cup runneth over.” If you’d like to learn how to share your faith too, visit us on-line at

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