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Just Like Golf posted by John Sorensen on Jul 17, 2015


It’s kinda funny but I suppose a lot of things remind me about evangelism and the game of golf is one of them.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. I know people who are passionate about golf. They gather all of this information on not only the history of the game, but instruction too; all of the technical nuances of the swing, driving, putting, hitting irons, sand play. The list goes on and on. But here’s the deal. You can be passionate about golf yet still be just an average golfer. Not everyone is a pro. And it’s the same with evangelism. You may think you’re not so good at it, but you shouldn’t stop doing it and learning how to be a better witness. Some say that evangelism is a gift. But I disagree. Instead, I say it’s the responsibility of every believer. Some may be better at it than others but it shouldn’t stop you from trying to share your faith.

We can help you improve your witnessing at You’ll find all sorts of great resources that will not only help you improve your witnessing but will help you enjoy it more too.

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