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Kids’ EE Celebrates its 10th Anniversary, and Partners with OneHope posted by jwatson on Jun 21, 2009

I was recently in Australia with an entire group of Kids’ EE specialists working on materials for our partnership with OneHope. One of the specialists was Marcia Ardis and she reminded me about the beginning of Kids’ EE.

1999 marked the beginning of Kids’ EE, and now, ten years later, Kids’ EE is planted on every continent around the world. “I feel like we have received a tenth anniversary present from the Lord!” Marcia declares. Those working with Kids’ EE are known to be passionate and oftentimes impatient. This impatience is understandable—children grow up so fast. “If a child’s tender heart is not filled with God, the world will fill it with ‘untruths,’” Marcia explains.

OneHope is a children’s ministry dedicated to child missions and child evangelism. It now partners with Kids’ EE. Together, we share the same vision—to reach millions of children globally, in a short amount of time. Marcia excitedly shares, “This ‘short amount of time’ is what grips our hearts. In just three years, through the partnership, 20 million children will be reached!”

In May, representatives from the worldwide Kids’ EE team met ‘down under,’ in Australia. These reps came together to design a plan to reach these 20 million children. The plan is to have Kids’ EE leaders and field workers train teachers who will then equip children to share the Gospel with others. “This cycle will continue—multiplication at its finest—adults reaching children who reach more children…who reach more…who reach more,” Marcia happily explains. “THANK GOD for this tenth anniversary present!” she exclaims.

Please continue to pray for Kids’ EE, OneHope, and the partnership we are making. God has blessed us so much; pray that He will continue to do so.

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