Hope for Kids Radiothon


  • Hope for Kids appeals to kids’ primary learning styles utilizing songs, games, crafts, skits, and illustrations.
  • Every unit includes some object that provides a concrete illustration of one of the key Gospel concepts that is taught in that unit.
  • Through this approach, kids are able to effectively learn and retain the Hope for Kids Gospel.


Training and Materials

  • From top to bottom, the materials are biblically based. They incorporate tested and proven methods so kids learn to share the Gospel and are given a foundation for spiritual growth.
  • Hope for Kids training and materials are offered at no cost or obligation to churches, children and the friends they reach – no strings attached.
  • High-quality materials include a Teacher’s Manual, Student Activity Book, and the Pathway to Hope witnessing booklet.



Based on the successful Kids’ EE discipleship training ministry from EE International, Hope for Kids was developed specifically for children.  It is designed to:

  • Clarify the Gospel for kids
  • Assist them to become witnesses for Jesus Christ
  • Bring others to a saving faith in Jesus Christ


We believe:

  • The Great Commission is for everyone, not just adults or youth.
  • Hope for Kids lays a foundation for spiritual growth in children and enables youngsters to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to Jesus’ command to all of us to be His witnesses.
  • Hope for Kids develops a worldview that is framed by the recognition that without faith in Jesus we are all lost in our sins.

For more information on how to give, please call Megan at 828-490-4165.