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Lesson Plan posted by John Sorensen on Aug 04, 2021


Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today.

How are you teaching your kids about the Gospel?  Just like a teacher has a lesson plan for each school year, as parents, we should have a plan that will help us equip our children to share their faith. School breaks or holidays are a great time to come alongside your child and help them learn how to articulate what they believe. Taking time out of your week to teach them to share the Gospel is a great way for them to learn about Jesus and watch you own your faith. EE’s Hope for Kids is another great way for them to easily remember how to share the Gospel by simply using their hand as a reminder! Use every opportunity you can to cultivate a heart to share the Gospel within your child. Children aren’t just the future of the church, they are part of the church now! Learning how to share the Gospel early on will set them up to share for the rest of their lives. For more about Hope for Kids, visit Share Life dot Today.

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