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Let Us Not Forget! posted by jwatson on Dec 02, 2011

In the States, going out to witness in our EE training is tame to say the least. With java jiggling in our cup holders, we settle in our nice cars, plot the address in our GPS, and travel on paved, smooth roads to find the next prospect. When we encounter resistance we chalk it up to persecution and move on. But seriously, we forget what befalls our EE brothers and sisters in many foreign lands, like a Filipino pastor.

He and his wife served the Lord faithfully in the Philippines. After he gave up his profession and business, his livelihood and income, for the uncertainties of full-time ministry, he chose EE as the focal point. Over time, his wife became earnestly involved with EE, leading and organizing the local EE trainings both in their church and for out-of-town trainings with churches.

The unthinkable happens

Then on the evening of October 30, 2010 their world was torn asunder. The pastor remembers the day like it was yesterday. “My wife was busy preparing for the completion of requirements of the local EE training in our home,” he recalled. “Then suddenly, at 10:30 p.m., a group of armed strangers harassed us and abducted my wife and my grandson.” Tied up with only one option, the pastor employed it. He prayed.

He was unharmed. But weeks went by with no word on his wife and grandson. Then came the haunting news. His wife was killed. The pastor’s response? “I have publicly forgiven the murderers,” he says. Thankfully, his grandson was released and is doing well today, sharing stories of how the EE Gospel presentation was shared with their captors.

Only months after his wife’s death, the pastor presses on in service to his Lord and Savior Jesus, now leading XEE and Hope for Kids training. “My wife departed, but many of those she ministered to are now leading our church’s EE ministries,” he says joyfully. “Let us be one in obeying the Great Commission of our Lord even unto

I guess we should not be surprised, that a man who gave it all up for the Lord’s service only to endure great tumult, counsels us.



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