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Lethargy Stinks posted by jwatson on Dec 02, 2011

New England pastor, William Broderick understands how a church can sink into spiritual lethargy. He says that his congregation was not growing and the 40 members were confused about the Gospel. So he tried to un-confuse them with Jesus and His sacrifice. He did a simple thing, he used the training he received in EE to explain the Gospel and encourage faith in the laity. It worked.

“It’s true some people left because they didn’t want to hear the Gospel,” he recalls. “But many others came because of it.”

He calls the EE materials diverse for a diverse group from young to old. But his greatest blessing was watching a person he had trained, witnessing to others.

His congregation began to grow. Today it numbers 150 members and he says they have a “wonderful spirit of service that permeates throughout the church.”

Beats lethargy any day.

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