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Letter from Julie posted by jwatson on Apr 09, 2013

This is a letter from Julie to EE:

“I think back fondly on the years in EE and thank God for the time spent in sharing the Gospel. I thank you for the training and encouragement to love others enough to take the chance and ask the questions. And to PRAY!

“I asked our neighbor where she stood spiritually and if she would be interested in coming with us to church. Two days later, she called and said they were waiting to follow us to church that very day! Eventually our neighbors made professions of faith in Christ and are now attending our church weekly. Consider that they have not attended church since childhood.

“Two of their children also made professions of faith in Christ with help from my sons who asked them two important questions. They told them about Jesus over a period of time.”

For information on EE training, visit:

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