Apr 22

Lift His Name posted by John Sorensen on Apr 22, 2019


How do people perceive you?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, for Share Life Today. A lot of times we can be so focused on the name we’re making for ourselves that we don’t really focus on the One Name that should matter – the Name of Jesus! There is a church in Pueblo, Colorado that is making sure the Name of Jesus is known. This church has done a prayer walk over every walkable street in their town. Their mission for 2019? Evangelism. In 2019, their goal is to have at least half of their church trained in EE. By February, 17 people had already made professions of faith because they are making known the Name of Jesus! How can you take the focus off of yourself and place it on Jesus? Bring Him up in conversation wherever you go. When you share your faith, you are doing the very thing God created you to do – make His Name known! If you need help sharing your faith, we’re here for you. Visit ShareLife.Today for tips and resources. That’s ShareLife.Today

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