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Listed posted by John Sorensen on Mar 04, 2020


Often, we have a desire to talk to our neighbors, but we would feel more comfortable if we had a reason or icebreaker. I remember reading a great article by Ed Stetzer that talked about his experience when he and his family moved into a new neighborhood. There was an elderly couple that came up to the door and gave them a 4-page document outlining everything from the best local pizza to the best discount grocer. Toward the bottom of the paper, they had the “best church” where they listed their church and an open invitation to join them anytime. The list gave these people a reason to start a discussion with new neighbors and ultimately to turn it toward a gospel conversation. This is an easy way to welcome a neighbor and make a difference for eternity. You can follow up with them later to see if they’ve tried any of the places on your list, and ask for them to join you at church. For more tips and tools visit ShareLife.Today.

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