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Listening for God’s Whispers posted by Darrell Farney on Nov 09, 2011

So much of modern day life is filled with busyness and noise. No one seems able to drive, walk or jog without the radio blaring or ipod music playing in their ears.

Yesterday, on a a brisk, sunshiny, fall day in Northern Illinois, I decided to take a bike ride in one of the many savanna areas of Lake County. While watching a hawk in flight, I was reminded that God can only be heard when we take the time to listen for His “still, small voice!”

Life in the fast lane is often filled with deadlines, demands and quotas. I believe the Lord wants us to take regular breaks from the speed of life and listen for what He might be wanting to say to us.

So while sitting next to a little, rippling stream in the wetlands of Heron Creek Park, I heard God’s voice. The question is not whether God is still speaking; the question is are we taking the time to listen?

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