Aug 24

Local Church posted by John Sorensen on Aug 24, 2016


Way-of-life witnessing is every believer’s responsibility. But you don’t have to stand alone in it.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Of course, establishing a spiritual conversation with a friend and even discipling a new believer begins with the individual evangelist. But this process can continue as you introduce your friend to your local church. Keep in mind that you want to do everything possible to develop this person into a vital, reproducing member of the family of God. And a healthy local church is where discipleship continues. In this environment, your friend will find love and security to grow and to mature as a disciple. They’ll also find a place where the Bible is properly being proclaimed through worship, Bible studies and life groups. I hope this helps you as you share life with your friends today. Visit for more free Gospel resources.

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