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M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I spells GOSPEL posted by jwatson on Mar 04, 2014

Throughout Mississippi, thousands of children are discovering the power to share the greatest story every told—the Gospel of Jesus Christ—through EE Hope for Kids training!

At Tunica Academy, students recently finished their 12-week semester and will soon start another. Humphreys Academy has been training their students to share Jesus for several years. Indianola Academy is training their kids with help from 18 volunteers.

Please pray for these schools considering implementing Hope for Kids training in the fall of 2014:

• Riverside Public School, Avon MS

• Cary Christian Center, Cary MS

• Sharkey-Issaquena Academy, Rolling Fork MS

• Delta Academy, Marks MS

• Winston Academy, Louisville MS

• Knollwood Christian School, Sylacauga AL

Train up your kids for the important work of evangelism. Kids CAN share the Gospel!

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