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Massage Anyone? posted by jwatson on Sep 20, 2013

It’s not often that an EE testimony begins in a massage parlor. This is the exception.

It started with sore muscles from lots of on-the-job training  (OJT), and lots of walking, when sharing the Gospel. These were students participating in the EE internship program in Asia. Following OJT, some of the participants decided to work out that soreness by getting a massage. To their shock, they discovered that this particular business offered “extra services,” which they obviously avoided. Instead, they took the opportunity to share the love of Christ with three Hindu women who worked there. All three of them made professions of faith in Christ.

Students with hearts for God—that’s what our EE internship program is building.

EE internships offer mission opportunities each summer. This year’s trips were to Washington, D.C.; Fiji in the South Pacific; Africa; and Asia. Through these outreach events, some of the students discover their calling from God, join EE and other mission organizations in full and part-time positions.

For more information on EE internships, email: [email protected]

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