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Means of Growth posted by John Sorensen on Mar 04, 2019

Have you tried to read any product labels recently?  Talk about complicated!  It seems like the more advancement we make, the more complicated we make things.

Unfortunately, the same complicated approach is infiltrating our spiritual lives too.

It’s time to get back to the basics.  The product label on the Spiritual Growth package contains five words:  Bible, prayer, worship, fellowship, and witness.

Bible – The place to begin is your commitment to read the Bible. Start in the Gospel of John. Read a chapter a day. Read more if you want to – just start reading!

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing.

The Bible is God speaking to us.  Prayer is us speaking to God.  The simple ACTS acrostic provides a useful guideline: 

Adoration – praising God for who He is. 

Confession – admitting our sin and receiving His forgiveness. 

Thanksgiving – thanking God for all that He does. 

Supplication – bringing our needs and requests to Him in simple faith.

Worship – to worship God is to honor, reverence and adore Him; giving Him the supreme place in our lives.  Worship deepens our relationship with our Lord.  Both personal worship, time alone with the Lord, and corporate worship are vital to spiritual growth.

Fellowship – Christian fellowship is being there through life’s storms, praying for one another and caring for one another. Perhaps this is behind the promise of the Gospel that where two or three believers are gathered together, Jesus is in their midst.

Finally, witness. I was recently in the same room with a brand new grandmother.  You’ll never guess what she wanted to talk about, along, of course, with tons of pictures. You know if you’re in a room with a sports fan, what they’ll want to talk about. We talk about the things which are important to us.  So, how important is Jesus to you? You might be able to tell by how much you talk about Him.

We would count it a privilege to become your “Partner in Growing.”

This our topic this week at Evangelism Explosion.  For a free Partners in Growing booklet on the Five Means of Growth, just go to ShareLife.Today and look for the information.  Then, get after these five means of growth this week and start to grow! May God bless you richly as you do!

This is a transcript from Conversations with John #31

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