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Message from Dr. Duane Litfin posted by jwatson on Nov 19, 2009

Dr. Duane Litfin

Dr. Duane Litfin is the President of Wheaton College. On April 18, 2007, Dr. Litfin delivered a message during the Chapel service at Wheaton that you need to hear.

As you are keenly aware, we, in Evangelism Explosion, face many challenges with regard to evangelism here in the United States. One of those challenges is the idea that we, as Christians, should spend our time showing the Gospel and not necessarily speaking it. I could quote here many Christian leaders who profess that “proclaimational” evangelism is out of style and, some would say, inappropriate for our culture.

Dr. Sterling Huston, our Chairman of our Board of Directors, sent me this message this week. I found it very encouraging. We have a friend in Dr. Lutfin.

You can reach the message off of Wheaton’s website at:

You’ll need to click on the message for April 18th in either the Windows Media format or the MP3 format.

Once you listen, why not post an comment here for discussion?

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