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Mfangano or Bust posted by John Sorensen on Jun 17, 2014

Vincent, an EE field worker in Kenya, wants desperately to reach as many people as he can with The Words of Life.  I rejoice when I think about his commitment and that of hundreds of other EE field staff around the world.  A recent outreach of his focused on the island of Mfangano situated near the middle of vast Lake Victoria. It wasn’t long before Vincent’s EE team was asking themselves to what lengths they would go to accomplish their goal.

The answer? They were willing to do whatever it took.

When they first set their eyes on the dilapidated boat that would take them on the long ride to Mfangano, there was concern. But it didn’t deter them. Nor did the number of people and their animals that boarded the boat. It became very evident—this was a capsize waiting to happen. But it was the only way to the island so Vincent’s team huddled on the boat and prayed for safety.  Although it sputtered and slipped through the waves to points of nearly sinking, their prayers were answered when the boat arrived safely.

Once on the island, Vincent and his EE team slept in tents, battling torrential rainstorms along with swarms of mosquitoes. It was enough to make “normal” people give up. There were times when they were cold to the bone with clothes soaking wet. Yet Vincent remained steadfast, “What was important was not the dangerous boat ride, threatening rains or sleepless mosquito nights, but the many people that made professions of faith in Christ that week.”

I hope that level of commitment blesses you as it does me.

I praise God for your prayers and gifts and for field staff like Vincent who will do whatever it takes to reach people with the Gospel.  As the end of our fiscal year nears on June 30, a friend of the ministry has pledged a $150,000 Matching Challenge Fund to help us raise $300,000 and continue to empower committed people like Vincent to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

By God’s grace, it takes just $2 to see someone make a profession of faith in Christ through this ministry. Today, your gift of $50 becomes $100!  $100 becomes $200!  $1,000 is doubled to  $2,000.  Such a gift means that 1,000 people will be reached with the wonderful, eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ—and make a profession of faith! But your gift is needed by June 30 to double the impact for Kingdom work and help us meet our budget. Thank you for whatever you can do!

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