Seniors’ EE

Evangelism Explosion International (EE) has become a friend of the forgotten, the elderly, to share with them the Good News of the Gospel.

Seniors’ EE is an invaluable ministry for young and old to reach those in nursing homes, extended care facilities, and convalescent centers. Seniors’ EE also visits shut-ins. As our population ages, these environments are increasing by leaps and bounds.

They Have a Past – Seniors’ EE Gives Them an Eternal Future

Faced with the staggering growth of our elderly population, Seniors’ EE helps you to share the Gospel with this growing people group. The elderly are the “mission field” next door. Like the Macedonian man of Bible times, they cry out, “Come over . . . and help us” (Acts 16:9).

Seniors’ EE is taught during regular EE training. During on-the-job training, EE teams visit those who are desperately waiting to hear of the hope of eternal life.

The Seniors’ EE curriculum has been specifically developed to help you see the elderly from a whole different perspective. Topics covered during the semester include:

  • Understanding the elderly
  • Understanding care facilities
  • Guidelines for visitation
  • Guidelines for communication
  • Presenting the Gospel
  • How to get Seniors’ EE started

Seniors’ EE aims to bring God’s love, comfort, and saving grace to these very needy people. It seeks to help the local church by providing resources and training. Seniors’ EE adapts the adult Gospel presentation, visitation formats, and follow-up efforts to the confined elderly.

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