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Ministry Partners posted by John Sorensen on Apr 24, 2017


Moses had a speech impediment.  When called by God to confront Pharaoh, Moses reminded God that he was slow of speech.   This impediment could make it impossible for Moses to speak with any authority.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Perhaps you can identify with Moses.   When the topic comes to witnessing, we usually have some reason we tell God about why we can’t do it.   In Moses’ case the Lord’s response, though, wasn’t to send a speech therapist, but a ministry partner.  Aaron was assigned to go with Moses as his spokesman.  Off they went.  Before he knew it, tongue-tied Moses was addressing Pharaoh directly.  His impediment faded away when the power of God was displayed in this Moses/Aaron team.  Are you hesitant to speak to others about Jesus?   Well, find a partner in the Lord and venture out as witnesses for Christ.  Pray before you go…then head to the mall or Laundromat.  To help, we’ll send you a few free Gospel tracts.  Just visit us at

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