Jan 11

More Than A Building posted by John Sorensen on Jan 11, 2021


When you think of church, what do you have in mind? Maybe a steeple, pews or stained-glass windows. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that church is more than a building. Knowing Jesus as our Savior means that we are part of the church, and therefore, His body. Many churches have not been able to meet or have had to drastically change their Sunday morning services. But as believers, no matter the social limitations and limited gatherings, we are called to act as the body of Christ so that nonbelievers will hear the Gospel. How can you practically do this today? Get trained to share the Gospel and do it! Ask people about their spiritual condition, and listen. Let them know you care and that God cares. Then, if they decide to follow Christ, help them grow in their faith! If you need help getting started, visit us online at Share Life Dot Today for a free online Gospel training course. Share Life Dot Today.

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