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More Than Just a Baseball Player posted by jwatson on Oct 20, 2015

When you enter into a conversation about the Lord and His transformational power, your testimony is integral in creating a personal connection and trust with someone. Here’s a testimony from we’d like to share with you today:

Before I was a Christian I was a really good person, but with no sense of peace or hope. I was kind, polite, aggressive, and determined. My god was athletics and especially baseball. I worked for nothing else than to play professionally. Yet, despite all my efforts no amount of accolades could make me feel complete.

It was Thanksgiving break from college and the coaches gave us time off to see our families. I was living out my dream of playing Division I baseball at Nebraska. But during my time there and getting involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the University something changed. I realized I had never crossed the line of faith and place my trust in Christ. I had become a great person, but with no eternal hope. I remember coming forward to accept Christ my freshman year of college in Rapid City, SD at First Christian Church. The Elder who met me had a confused look on his face to say the least. He leaned over and whispered, “I thought you already were a Christian.” Clearly my good life was fooling enough people around me to lead them believe I already knew Christ. After all, I was the athlete, the popular kid, on honor roll, volunteered, the guy who never did anything wrong and was even voted “Class Brown Noser” as a Senior in High School. Doesn’t that just scream “Christian!”

After deciding to surrender my life to Christ my whole outlook on life changed. I no longer was a baseball player, but a Christian who played baseball. I now longer was a student, I was Christian that was a student. I eventually became not a business man, but a Christian who was in business. I would become a Christian who was a husband, father, and pastor. I no longer was a man seeking the world’s approval, but a Christian seeking Christ’s grace in all that I did.

All I ever wanted was to play professional baseball. All God ever wanted was to love me unconditionally. I’m so glad that God won.

Now that I have Christ and my eternity is secure I live free without fear. God was gracious to allow me to reach my goal of playing professional baseball, but soon I felt the call in my life to go into ministry. Even as a pastor, I still have questions to be sure. However, I know that Jesus’ grace is big enough to handle my curiosities and loving enough to help me work through them.

Before I knew Christ I could never really talk about death. To me death was a taboo topic that shouldn’t be mentioned. After all the focus of life is to be happy and content in all that you do right? Finding Christ has allowed me to understand death better and to embrace the eternity that is to come. I don’t fear any more but I anticipate what God has in store for me after this life ends.

I now find my confidence in the love and Grace of Jesus Christ not in my abilities. In Him, I live and move and breath so that I long for nothing more than to know Him deeper. In Him I have found the peace my soul was longing for all along. In Him I am free.


Brian Hunt
California, United States

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