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Most Influential Person posted by John Sorensen on Nov 02, 2020


In our current cultural atmosphere, Jesus and Christianity are receiving a lot of bad press. People are so polarized these days. But we should never apologize or be embarrassed to be counted among His followers. And while, importance is not determined by popularity, it is interesting to note that Jesus ranks number one on two highly regarded lists of the “One Hundred Most Influential People of All Time.”  So, though He is often misunderstood, He is THE most influential person of all time.  And people need to hear about Jesus – not in religious language – but in relationship language.  So, don’t set out to discuss church affiliation, religious or political issues this holiday season. Set out to share with those around you how Jesus has changed your life and can offer grace and forgiveness to anyone who asks. Help them understand what it means to trust in Christ alone for salvation. That’s the most important gift you can give. For more tips to share life, visit ShareLife.Today

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