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Much More posted by jwatson on Dec 19, 2014

Two single syllable, four letter words, that, when placed side-by-side, say a mouthful.  “Much more” is a highlight phrase in the Bible.  Depending on which of the five most popular translations you use, it is found anywhere from 37 to 43 times.

The reference with which we begin is tucked away in a rather obscure part of the Old Testament.  (By the way, the fact that it is obscure is not because it is unimportant.  Rather, it is because far too many of us virtually neglect the Old Testament in our Bible reading and study.)  It is a marvelous statement!

“The Lord is able to give you much more than this.”  2 Chronicles 25:9

Let’s place this in the context of our 21st century Christmas celebrations.  Every December there is a clash between what the world offers and what Jesus offers.  This clash is between an offer that will depreciate over time and an offer that will appreciate over time.

  •  Depreciation:  The “more” offered by the world continually decreases in value.
  • Appreciation:  The “much more offered by Jesus continually increases in value.

Through Jesus Christ, the Lord offers…

  • much more of the blood of Christ which provides forgiveness – Romans 5:9.
  • much more of the His grace abounding into all areas of our lives –  Romans 5:15 & 17.
  • much more of His free gift of salvation that continues as He sanctifies us – Romans 5:10.
  • much more of His surpassing peace that guards our hearts and minds – Philippians 4:6-7.
  • much more spiritual boldness to proclaim the Gospel – Philippians 1:14.

This Christmas do not settle for the “more” the world offers.  Avail yourself of the “much more” the Lord Jesus Christ offers.

May your celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ result in a growing spiritual appreciation in your life for all of the “much mores” you have in Him.  Remember, they continue to appreciate in value.

In Christ’s service,

Jim Engle




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