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Multiply the Work of EE in India and Around The World posted by jwatson on Nov 10, 2015

Double Your ImpactWith Thanksgiving approaching, I’d like you to know how thankful I am for you – and the awesome work your generosity makes possible every day around the world.

Your partnership is equipping more people than ever before to sow the Gospel of Jesus Christ into hearts and lives – and see God’s transforming power burst forth!

Because of you, this is happening all over the world in places like Mumbai, India where, recently, your gifts equipped local believers to tell others about Jesus. Because they are indigenous (from India), they know the language and culture. And once trained, they reach others with amazing results.

A widow, Prisha, was one of those who were trained. She shared the Gospel with three women who were captivated by God’s love – and all of them committed their lives
to Christ.

Now those three women are being equipped to carry on the work of evangelism within their own people group who they know intimately. And it’s all thanks to your prayers and gifts.

Let me tell you about an incredible new opportunity to do even more to share the Gospel with every person on earth. A generous friend of the ministry has pledged an extraordinary $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund. That means every gift you give between now and December 31 will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $250,000.

Your gift of $50 will become $100 and $100 grows to $200. And $250 becomes $500. With your generous help now, we can unlock the $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund and raise a total of $500,000!

And it starts with your gift now.
Will you take advantage of this rare opportunity to
double your gift today?

But act today. Time is short because the $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund expires on December 31.

And here’s even more exciting news. Because of friends like you, we are projecting more than 10 million professions of faith in Christ through EE-trained individuals in 2015. Your gift now, matched up to $250,000 is a crucial part of making that happen by December 31!

In 1962, our Founder, D. James Kennedy committed to equipping people with the Gospel through the EE ministry. Because of the sacrificial support of people like you, millions upon millions of people have not only come to faith in Jesus Christ, but have been equipped to effectively share their faith and train others to do the same.

More than 50 years later this mission has accelerated like never before. Your gifts have launched online strategies like our popular Share Life Today Radio feature loaded with tools to make witnessing easier than ever. And our testimony-building website,, walks people through a step-by-step process to build their testimony and helps them share it with others!

People are being trained, lives are being
changed, and you make it possible!

And here’s the goal: Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person. It’s a colossal undertaking but thanks to you, it’s already happening—in Mumbai, India; Mombasa, Kenya; the remote island of Java in Indonesia; and all over the earth!

But so much more needs to be done.

That’s why your gift now – doubled up to $250,000 – is so important. And by giving now, you’ll double the impact of your gift to train believers who will reach even more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And when you donate today, please allow me to send you our new prayer journal, “40 Days of Fervent Prayer.” Written exclusively for you, this devotional will expand and enrich your prayer life – and deepen your walk with Christ.

Remember, your generosity now does twice as much to equip people like Prisha and her friends to share Christ with others.

Please help us take full advantage of this
wonderful $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund. Make your gift go twice
as far to bring Jesus to others with your best gift today!

Thank you, again, for your heart of compassion and your commitment to reach everyone everywhere with the best message ever heard!

Yours in His service,


John B. Sorensen, D.D.

P.S. Time is short because the $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund expires on December 31. Please respond with your gift today. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to DOUBLE your gift. Do twice as much to equip more and more people to share their faith and change the lives of men, women, and children for eternity! Thank you!


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