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"Net Neutrality" – A Power Grab That Threatens Free Speech and Spread of Gospel posted by John Sorensen on Feb 25, 2015

The “future of the entire Internet” is at stake Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission votes on a proposal to “regulate the Internet,” as one dissenting Commissioner put it. I am sad to say that the FCC will likely approve “net neutrality” when the five FCC Commissioners vote Thursday, Feb. 26.

It”s a direct hit against liberty. Critics call it ObamaCare for the Internet.  “The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week,” says one Wall Street Journal commentator.

The National Religious Broadcasters calls it a “power grab” over the Internet. Attorney Craig Parshall, who is Senior Advisor to NRB & Director of the John Milton Project, warns that net neutrality threatens the robust exchange of ideas and information that is at the heart of the Internet. “That’s going to go the way of the Dodo bird,” he said.

Yes, this is a complex topic and I readily admit that I”m not a communications attorney, but one thing is very clear: the FCC”s net neutrality plan–in reality, President Obama”s plan-gives the government vast regulatory control over the Internet. And that has grave implications for free speech and religious liberty.

There is no problem to be solved here. Only freedom to be quenched. The Internet is wildly successful and the central hub for communication, but so-called net neutrality will stifle innovation, insert government into pricing decisions, and give regulators control over how Internet traffic is routed.

It will lead to an Internet with the same robust dynamism as Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service, two heavily regulated government entities.

And we will only know the details of the plan after the FCC votes. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler refuses to unveil the 332-page plan to regulate the Internet. It”s only been distributed to FCC Commissioners, including Republican Ajit Pai. He”s upset about what he read.

“In the end, when you compare what the American public is being told about President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet with the actual text of that plan, these and other discrepancies become apparent,” Pai said. “That makes it all the more important for the FCC to let the American public see the plan before the FCC makes it the law.”

The Gospel goes out every day on the Internet in millions of ways. It gives people everywhere the opportunity to hear about and share the gift of eternal life.

Ultimately, that is why the Internet must not be subject to onerous and heavy-handed regulation that will stifle the free and lawful speech. I hope you”ll join me in asking God to frustrate and stop this aggressive and misguided plan.

Without God”s help, and unless Congress or the courts step in, we face the end of the Internet as we know it.  I urge you to contact your Congressmen today and tell them you do not want “net neutrality.”  To find their contact information, go to

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