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No Regrets posted by John Sorensen on Sep 05, 2019


Have you ever witnessed to someone and regretted it? Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, for Share Life Today. Chances are, it’s the opposite. Every time you witness, you’re glad you did. Even if the person rejected the Gospel, they still heard about the love of God. Now, let me ask you another question. Have you ever failed to share the Gospel, and regretted it? There’s a much bigger chance that not sharing will lead to regret. Why? Because we have the greatest truth we could ever know, and assurance of eternity in Heaven. Not sharing could be detrimental to someone’s eternity. So, whomever you’re around, share with them. Don practices this so he won’t have the regret of missing an opportunity out of disobedience. Recently, he witnessed to a door-to-door salesman who came to his house! He said that in the past he may have thought of the salesman as an inconvenience, but this day, chose to see the person as an opportunity for the Kingdom. Leave no chance for regret – witness as much as you can! Visit ShareLife.Today.

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