Jan 14

No Wasted Time posted by John Sorensen on Jan 14, 2021


How is your year going so far? Everyone seemed to have pretty high hopes going into twenty twenty, but by March expectations were lowered drastically. Well, that was not the case for Ben. He took an Evangelism Explosion course to learn to share his faith, and Ben’s year was not wasted! He is now so excited to share Jesus with those around him, now more than ever before! “God has called us to share His Gospel to other people and it gives us such a good understanding of how to do it. It also gives us confidence to do it. It gives us encouragement to go out there and do it. I’ve shared more this past thirteen weeks than I have in my entire spiritual life with people.” Doesn’t that make you want to go out and share that same good news with others? Don’t waste time, start sharing your faith, visit us online at Share Life Dot Today.

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