Apr 11

Not An Option posted by John Sorensen on Apr 11, 2019


Is sharing your faith something that you have to do as a Christian? Can we just serve at church or be nice to strangers?

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. Well, the answer to that question is yes, we have the privilege as Christians to share our faith, and believe me when I say that Jesus has called you personally to spread the Gospel. He has commissioned you to bring people to Him, and it’s not that hard to do! The Holy Spirit does all of the work, really. You just to be willing and obedient. Every Christian has a story to tell about how Jesus saved them – and it’s so important to tell that story! Recently, a Barna study showed that 78% of Christians who share their faith feel peace when doing so. Even though you may be nervous to start a conversation, you should know that you’re doing great Kingdom work – and that’s exactly why you were created! If you need help getting the conversation started and sharing your faith, visit

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