Nov 30

Nothing can contain zeal of northern India EE pastors posted by jwatson on Nov 30, 2011

In the face of financial constraints, EE clinics to equip 300 pastors in northern India who will then equip 3,000 will soon begin. Our EE India director has already conducted a clinic in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India. From there, he’ll move to the north with plans to continue to move forward with the other clinics. “Their love of Christ compels them,” exclaims Tom Mangham, EE Vice President for Asia.

EE India has been very involved in assisting EE Nepal in their effort to become a Multiplying Nation (mature, self-sustaining and indigenously led) by the next EE Congress of Nations (CON) in 2013. “And now, with their limited finances,’ Tom says, “the India director and other EE India leadership are helping spread the EE ministry.”

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