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50 years of Evangelism Explosion

International training ministry celebrates by looking ahead


The world-wide evangelism training ministry founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy is commemorating 50 years of equipping believers to simply and effectively share their faith.

Founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Evangelism Explosion International (EE) was among the first parachurch ministries to establish representatives in every nation on earth.  God has richly blessed the ministry – bringing it from a local church plant to a global concern that has turned the entire world upside down with the Gospel of Christ.

EE supplies evangelism training to local churches throughout North America and in every country in the world.  This includes areas often hostile to Christianity in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

New evangelism initiatives include:

  • Global Development Project:  Training U-S and overseas field workers to work directly with pastors to help them start EE.
  • Hope for Kids:  Equipping 2 million children to reach 20 million more for Christ.
  • Explorers’ Club:  Materials to disciple 8 million children around the world in their walk with Christ.
  • XEE:  training for GenXers and Millenials to connect the Gospel with their peers.
  • TENT:  Training and materials for ministry to people of the Islamic culture.
  • Weavers Training – specifically developed to reach the people groups of the world.
  • 24-hour prayer initiative for world evangelism and training launched with a full-time staff coordinator.


  • “The most revolutionary technique for personal evangelism to mobilize the sleeping giant of our laity…”
      – Dr. Billy Graham
  • “The best program I know of available to the world church today for training laymen to evangelize.”
      – Dr. James I. Packer – Author, theologian, Regent’s College
  • “…One of the most holistic approaches I am aware of to a practical methodology for doing evangelism in the local church.”
      – Dr. Peter Wagner – Fuller Theological Seminary

Opportunities for NRB:


Media Interviews:  Dr. John B. Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion will be on-site Sunday and Monday (Feb. 19-20) during the NRB convention.  Dr. Sorensen provides expertise on evangelism efforts, both U-S and overseas.  He and Dr. D. James Kennedy, Founder of EE, co-authored “Well Done:  A Christian Doctrine of Works”(GreenTree Press), explaining the role that service plays in the life of a Christian.  Topics include:

  • The importance of evangelism:  how can a Christian be effective in sharing their faith?  What are good tips and common pitfalls?  How can I or my church be more effective in outreach?
  • Salvation and works:  Once saved, does the believer have any obligations?  How is growth in grace related to service?  On what basis can the Christian hear “well done” from God?
  • The growth of world-wide evangelism:  What changes have occurred in overseas evangelism the past 50 years?  What encouragement do you find?  What discouragement?  How is the Gospel making inroads into hostile territories?   What success has EE had in Muslim countries?

Share Your Faith Radio:  a unique 3-way partnership between radio stations, local churches and EE that promotes local evangelism training

Hope for Kids Radio:  fund-raising for radio and television stations that equips children overseas to share their faith with 10 of their friends


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