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Objections: Fight or Flight posted by John Sorensen on Dec 19, 2019


Have you ever had someone raise an objection when sharing your faith?  If so, were you tempted to meet the objection head on or did you want to run?  We need to avoid the tendency to want to “win an argument” or to cut and run when faced with an objection.  Sharing the Gospel is not to make you look like you know all of the religious answers, it’s for the sake of the person we’re talking to and their eternal destiny.  Any skillful debater can easily win a point in an argument, but by doing so we can arouse hostilities in the person and lose the opportunity to share the Good News.  So, I encourage you to never argue. Tell them you appreciate their statement and either respond to their objection or tell them you’ll research the answer and get back to them.   If you’d like help handling some common objections to the Gospel, we’ll be happy to send you our Reasonable Answer for Honest Skeptics Pocket Guide.  Just visit our website at

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